AC TALK JULY 22 1The Relentless Love of God

Regardless of whether people are believers or unbelievers, everyone knows the story of Jonah. Some refer to it as a story about a fish, but in reality, this book is all about the relentless love of God.

Dear Friends,

I believe God wants to use this narrative to shift our hearts for the greater purposes of restoration and recovery. It is vital to allow God to refocus us regarding His heart for the lost and what He wants to do in the world in this challenging season.

Right from the beginning, in the book of Genesis, we read how God set the nation of Israel apart to be a peculiar covenant people. A people that He loved and cared for; a people of promise and blessing which would never remain with them but would flow through them as God’s people. What a privilege it is to know that we are in covenant with Almighty God, who cares for and loves us but also to know that His intention was always that His blessing would never stop with us but would flow through us.

We see in the book of Jonah that God’s people had lost their focus. They became self-focused and self-centered and forgot that God had called them to be a blessing to other nations.

When God called Jonah, the Bible says that he ran from the presence of God and ran in the opposite direction to what God intended for His life.

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