DAYOFPRAYER2017 THUMBNAILDear Senior Pastors/Lead Elders and Prayer coordinators,

We are all aware that when we are in tune with the Holy Spirit that the Lord speaks to His entire bride throughout the earth. Hopefully it will be no different again this time, when in hindsight we reflect on our annual Prayer Day theme which focuses solely on JESUS. We are expectant as to what might transpire and I urge you to continue to prepare the hearts of your people toward 10 September. Below, you will find attached our Prayer Pointers for this year. I trust you will find them useful and helpful. These are merely guidelines, please feel free to use as much or as little as you prefer.

Bless you,

David Cape
For the COTN Apostolic Council

Download the prayer points below, or visit here to download all available info for the Prayer Day.

DAYOFPRAYER2017 THUMBNAILDear COTN Elders, Leaders and churches,

Greeting to you all in the name of Jesus.

It is my joy to introduce and provide you with information for this years' theme for our annual Church of the Nations - Day of Prayer, which as you know falls on the second Sunday of September each year. It is where we ask each church to set
aside time during their Sunday meeting/service, to unite with COTN churches around the world in a focused prayer celebration.

focusing on the CENTRALITY OF CHRIST.
DATE: Sunday 10 September 2017


When earlier this year we sat down as an Apostolic Council to choose a theme for our Leadershift Conferences we felt the Holy Spirit imploring us to have the central focus on ‘Love’. It almost seemed simplistic and overtly obvious at the time and that as a Christian community this should be a basic. Yet after an amazing series of sessions on ‘Intentional Love’ at Jefferys Bay, we now see the entire body of Christ embracing this theme and major Christian magazines running it as their major themes on their covers.

It seemed much the same when it came to choosing a direction for our Prayer Day. We felt to focus on Jesus, his Glory, Majesty, Lordship and Kingship, in an uncluttered way, hence our title:


The key scripture we believe the Lord has laid on our hearts is:

Mark 11:9-10 NAS.

Those who went in front and those who followed were shouting:
“Hosanna! ‘BLESSED IS HE’ who comes in the name of the Lord;
Blessed is the coming KINGDOM of our father David; Hosanna in the highest!”

What a wonderful moment to hone in fully focusing on Jesus, and in doing so afford Him all the Glory, dignity and honour He deserves. This event is the only truly ‘combined international event’ we have each year, where we ask every COTN church to participate. We will be providing you with prayer pointers and reminders over the next few weeks.

So, mark the date. It’s just under 4 weeks away!

Every Blessing

David Cape
On behalf of the Apostolic Council.


AC TALK JUNE 2017 1A Kingdom Sound - Ken Turner

I write this article from South Africa. At present we are a nation in serious disarray. We face massive “State Capture” where corruption drains billions of Rands from Government and State Enterprises. Where crime is rampant, but crime investigation arms of government protect rather than prosecute the perpetrators. Our economy is in recession, and the Ratings agencies have downgraded us to “junk status”. Poverty persists and racial tensions are fueled by politicians for their own advantage.

With this situation as a backdrop, I met with some local church leaders a few months ago and asked the question:- “Where do you see the Kingdom of GOD advancing in our nation at this time?” To my surprise I observed the group struggling to find any positive response. As we discussed further I realized that the weight of personal experience and continuous negative media reporting had become their point of reference, hence their lack of a positive reply to the question.


Download this file (AC_TALK_JUNE_2017.pdf)AC_TALK_JUNE_2017.pdf[ ]743 kB

leadershift april 2017 newsThe videos from the April 2017 Leadershift Conference in Jeffreys Bay are now available.

Click here to view them.

VGY17 BrochureOnline

Download this file (VGY17_BrochureOnline.pdf)VGY17_BrochureOnline.pdf[ ]770 kB


It was a cold chilly February morning in Washington DC. As we all gathered expectantly, our host uttered these words “ This is my brother Louie, whom I love. I may not always agree with him but he is my brother in Christ and I love him. I know his
wife by name, also his children and we pray for each others family’s each week.”

Our host was Californian congresswoman Janice Hahn, a Democrat and Louie, who she had been introducing was Louie Gohmert, a Republican member of the US congress, from Texas. The event was the National Presidential Prayer Breakfast, which my wife Carol and I were privileged to attend.

The thing that struck Carol and I as we listened was the genuine honesty and sincere tone and respect these two had for one another. They went on to explain how they had learnt to ‘disagree without being disagreeable’. How refreshing it was to hear this kind of interaction.

This, in sharp contrast to where the world finds itself at this point in time. As I reflected I couldn’t help but recall the words penned by Burt Bacharach and his friend Hal David all those years ago, and how prophetic those words would be for this hour….”WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW, IS LOVE SWEET LOVE ….it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.” Those words struck a chord, and history shows that over time the song has been recorded by over 100 of the top artists in the world.


Download this file (AC_Talk_FEB_2017.pdf)AC_Talk_FEB_2017.pdf[ ]763 kB

AC TALK DECEMBER 2016 1Apostolic Focus - Louis Els

At the start of the year we felt God spoke a clear word to us that FOCUS would be the theme for 2016. It was an incredibly timely word that stood us good stead, navigating us through the intricacies of 2016 and one that we believe will be vital for that which lies ahead in 2017.


To FOCUS means to bring your mind, will and emotions in alignment with God's purpose and plans.

ALIGNMENT is the repositioning of two or more objects in proper RELATIONSHIP for maximum effectiveness.

Alignment in myself is important, as a house divided against itself cannot stand, furthermore Alignment with God and His Word will result in maximum effectiveness in all areas of our lives.

We are living in times where there are so many distractions that demand our attention and draw our FOCUS away from God and His intended Kingdom purpose for our lives.


Download this file (AC_TALK_DECEMBER_2016.pdf)AC_TALK_DECEMBER_2016.pdf[ ]614 kB

live streaming

Please take note of the scheduled times to be converted to your own countries time zone.

Broadcasting times will run from 7PM (MDT) / (UTC -6) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and then at 9AM (MDT) / (UTC -6) on Friday and Saturday Mornings. Sunday morning will start at 10AM.

Streaming link:

(Broadcast starts at 7pm)
Welcome, Worship, Word- Louis Els

(Broadcast starts at 9am)
9:20 am - 9:55 am: Session 1 Mark Scholtz
10:00 am - 10:35 am: Session 2 Edna Els
11:10 am -11:45 am: Session 3 Louis du Piesanie
11:50 am - 12:25 pm: Interviews: Louis Els interview with Mark and John Scholtz.

(Broadcast starts at 7pm)
Welcome, Worship, Word- David Cape

(Broadcast starts at 9am)
9:20 am - 9:55 am: Session 1 Keith du Plessis
10:00am - 10:35 am: Session 2 Graydon Bishop
11:10 am -11:45 am: Session 3 Kenn Gill
11:50 am - 12:25 pm: Interviews: Tony Fitzgerald to interview Greg Eland

(Broadcast starts at 7pm)
Welcome, Worship, Word- John Scholtz

(Broadcast starts at 10am)
Welcome, Worship, Word- Tony Fitzgerald

Download this file (LEADERSHIFT_CANADA_live_stream.pdf)LEADERSHIFT_CANADA_live_stream.pdf[ ]96 kB


Dear COTN Elders, leaders and churches,

I trust this finds you well and that there is much Kingdom fruitfulness in your part of the world.

It is my joy to introduce the theme for this years Church of the Nations – Day of Prayer. Most of you will be aware that we have one event each year where we ask the whole of Church of the Nations to participate. It is where we ask each church to set aside time during their Sunday meeting/service, to unite with churches around the world in a focused prayer celebration




Sunday 11 September 2016.


Here are some of the pertinent scriptures which serve as a foundation for the theme we believe the Lord has shown us:

Proverbs 29:2 // When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.

Proverbs 8:15-16 NAS // "By me kings reign, and rulers decree justice. "By me princes rule, and nobles, All who judge rightly."

Proverbs 8:15-16 Message // "With my help, leaders rule, and lawmakers legislate fairly; with my help, governors govern, along with all in legitimate authority"

Romans 13:1-2 NAS // Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; …

As John Scholtz so clearly articulated in his recent AC Talk article that world leadership and governments are going through strong headwinds and turbulent times at present. Change seems so fluid and fast with violence and respect for the rule of law eroding rapidly in the natural, in a way that we have not witnessed in most of our lifetimes. We have observed so much just in the last few weeks (since John’s article), with the change of Prime Minister in the UK, a failed coup in Turkey and brutal slaughter on the streets of Nice. This along with the migrant crisis in Europe, and a more bizarre election cycle in the US than anyone can remember. South Africa too, is seeing a major political shift for the first time since the Apartheid era.

In all this, God is unmoved, but is calling us through His word to pray for those in authority. True stability can only be achieved by a revelation of His grace to come upon world leaders.

In recent times God has placed the COTN family in a unique situation, where more and more we find ourselves gaining access to those in authority, which we believe is a timely opportunity for the Kingdom. Against this background, we as the Apostolic Council believe that the theme for our upcoming Pray Day is timeous.

This event is the only truly ‘combined international event’ we have each year, where we ask every COTN church to participate. We will be providing you with prayer pointers and reminders over the next few weeks.

So, mark the date. It’s only just over 3 weeks away!

Be Expectant!

David Cape
On behalf of the Apostolic Council

ac talk july 16Knowing Which Burden to Bear

Open a newspaper, turn on your phone or the TV and you will be met with a stream of needs and disasters that will leave you reeling.

How will we ever sort it all out?

If it’s not Syria, it’s Iraq or Somalia; human tragedy on an unprecedented scale. More refugees than the world has ever seen, seeking help in one country or another.

Another suicide bomber, fire, drought, or earthquake hits the news every day. That sense of hopelessness, as we contemplate the magnitude of it all.

The markets are in turmoil with Brexit and other world events making their mark and taking their toll.

Download the PDF below to read the full article from John Scholtz and more!

Download this file (AC_TALK_July_2016.pdf)AC_TALK_July_2016.pdf[ ]586 kB

arrowThe registration for Leadershift Canada 2016 is now open!

For more information and registration click here.


arrowAll of the sessions from the April conference are now available on video. Check them out here!

Leadershift April 2016 - Durbanville, South Africa


Download the full details below (PDF)


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cotn loop video

Dear COTN Senior Pastors/Elders,

As most of you will be aware we will be holding our Southern Hemisphere Leadershift conference in Durbanville, just outside Cape Town from April 14 -17.

This year we have decided to conclude the conference on Sunday morning the 17th , with a celebration where Tony Fitzgerald will be sharing. It is Tony’s and the Apostolic Council’s heart that as many COTN churches as possible, not only in South Africa but around the world, link in to that meeting to hear Tony.

As such we are asking all churches to reconfigure their morning meetings and switch across for the word which will be streamed live. This promises to be an exciting event, which will allow you to expose your whole congregation to the wider Church of the Nations family and will facilitate understanding that we are all part of something bigger than just our local expression. 

For those who are on very different time zones, you will be able to download Tony’s message and play it during your service on that day. 

Attached you will find more details as to how you might link up.

The Oak Hill church in Durbanville have gone to extra lengths to ensure that we will not be overloaded at the time. If you require extra information, please contact Roche at the COTN Media VRC centre or Darin at Oakhill.
Roche Smit – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Darin Martini – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We strongly encourage you to be part of this family event.

Every Blessing,


On Behalf of the COTN AC

Download this file (LEADERSHIFT-live-stream.pdf)LEADERSHIFT-live-stream.pdf[ ]105 kB

arrowThe schedule for our upcoming conference is now available. Please note, this is subject to change at any time.

Please see below to download the PDF version.

Download this file (LEADERSHIFT_schedule.pdf)LEADERSHIFT_schedule.pdf[ ]352 kB

ac talk thumbnail marchThe English idiom says, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,

that certainly seemed to be supported by an advertising campaign that was launched back in 2013 by the manufacturers of Dove soap.

In this campaign, several women were invited to describe themselves to a forensic artist, who proceeded to sketch them. The artist sat with his back to each lady so he could not see their physical features and relied simply on
their response to questions he posed to them about their physical features. When he had finished doing so, the “subject” was replaced by someone from the public who had been tasked with observing her over a short period of time. Again, the artist sat with his back to the person doing the describing and proceeded to sketch the same ”subject”, but this time, from the description given by the observer.

Download the full AC Talk article below.

Download this file (AC_TALK_MAR_2016.pdf)AC_TALK_MAR_2016.pdf[ ]454 kB