keithshelley-du-plessisKeith was born, raised and educated in East London. At school he enjoyed playing sport. He has an outgoing personality and has always been a people’s person. Keith and Shelley were married in 1982 and have two daughters.


Since 1982, they have pastored two denominational churches and served on the pastoral team of Harvest Christian church for 11 years. From 1988 to 1995, Keith was in charge of religious broadcasting on Radio South Africa, part of the national network of radio stations under the banner of the SABC. As of April 2012, they have begun to lead the Issachar cluster in Church of the Nations and continue to serve as part of the Apostolic Council.


Keith and Shelley derive their greatest delight and fulfilment in helping Christians understand the power of being correctly aligned, discovering their redemptive purpose and call in God, and then living it out daily. Their passion is to see and help local churches become and remain relevant to the times in which they live.



The Issachar cluster comprises churches in south and east Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 
Taking its name from the sons of Issachar who are referenced in 1 Chronicles 12:32 as those who “…understood the times and knew what the nation needed to do”, the cluster is founded on a passion to see each member church fulfil the following:
Be accurate in its discernment of the things going on its neighbourhood, city, region, nation and geographical position.
Know what is going on in its surroundings and what its role and task is in serving those needs effectively.

Find new ways of presenting the gospel effectively, efficiently and in a manner that is relevant to its context, without ever diluting the content and requirements of that gospel and in such a way as to remain relevant to successive generations to come.
Participate in the life of the community the church seeks to reach, expressing kingdom life through practical actions and ministry, addressing the felt needs of the community and, speaking the truth and principles of God into that community, whenever such public opportunities present themselves.

Wherever possible, multiply itself through strategic church plants into other sectors of the community, thereby making that community’s ability to connect with and encounter true kingdom lifestyle, much easier.

The striking thing to note about the sons of Issachar, is the enormous return on investment by just a small number of the tribe who were sent to serve King David (just 200 chiefs, compared to the tens of thousands of fighting men sent by the other tribes). We encourage our churches therefore, not to be overwhelmed by the challenges they face in their particular contexts, or the size of their memberships relative to the needs of the community, but to take heart that God uses even the small and apparently insignificant, to exercise influence way beyond their natural ability and capability. Together then, not only with fellow members of the cluster, not just with the wider Church of the Nations family, but with all local congregations who seek to build the kingdom of God in their context, we join in “understanding the times we live in and in knowing and reflecting what the nation needs to do in such times”.

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