positioned for blessing

This course will help to clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God, which has so often been robbed through a lack of blessing from parents, generational bondages, curses and undesirable life patterns.

We can experience freedom and blessing -it's our birthright!!!!


  • To help people position themselves "in blessing" and "to become a blessing" to others
  • To bring healing to peoples' lives where there has been brokenness or wounded hearts
  • Stop generational strongholds and curses that we have received, from being passed on to our children
  • The restoration and healing of relationship within the family, e.g. husband-wife, parent-child, etc.
  • To allow God to restore people's identity through the impartation of the "Father's" blessing
  • To give people new purpose and meaning to their lives

Topics covered include:

  • What is ruling over your life (kingdom positioning)
  • Strongholds and their effects(dealing with an orphan spirit and thinking)
  • Positioned in shame or honour
  • Critical times of blessing in our development years
  • Positioned in judgement or forgiveness
  • Positioned in sonship
  • Positioned through sowing and reaping
  • Receiving Father's blessing for your life
  • Positioned for a new inheritance and success