stepping stones to gloryThis self-published book from Sheila Jones, part of The Church at Nantucket in Milford Haven, Wales is an inspiring story of obedience to God and His faithfulness. The foreword, written by Tony Fitzgerald is below. Ordering information follows the foreword. We trust this will be a blessing and inspiration to you.

Foreword by Tony Fitzgerald

The mid-Seventies were years of great change for me, my wife Marilyn and our daughters. We had arrived in England from Australia after a very difficult season of ministry and through a series of miracles, found ourselves living and serving on the Youth with a Mission base in Crawley, Sussex. We are forever thankful for the love, grace and acceptance shown to us during that time.

It was here that I first met Sheila Jones. She had travelled down fromMilford Haven, in Wales, to request that a team would come to the town and help with young people. We, with others, were asked by YWAM to go and spy out the land. This trip led to our family spending the best part of the next two years in this wonderful area of the world. It was there that much of what we live in today was freshly birthed. That was 40 years ago and we still have the joy of regularly visiting and encouraging the believers there.


Little did Sheila, or we, know what God had in mind by bringing us together but we are extremely grateful that a, small in stature but big in heart missionary from India, via Wales came into our lives.

As you read these pages you will be inspired by the journey of one devoted to Christ, willing to do whatever He asks. Her passion for prayer and her desire to see the Kingdom of Heaven expand across the earth marks her life which she lives in simplicity and humility.

Many Christians struggle to find purpose and wonder if God could use them. If you are one, you will find as you read these pages hope rise in your heart as you see that God takes those who are not looking for fame or fortune but are willing to surrender all to His purposes, and places them where he wills.

For Sheila being a missionary meant crossing the seas but for you it may mean crossing the street. Some are called to go around the world, others around the block but we are all called to go and make a difference.

Much of Sheila’s fruit will only be seen in eternity but many, like me,have been impacted by her on earth My life is richer through knowing Sheila and yours will be too as you read the story of her life’s walk of obedience penned in these pages.

Tony Fitzgerald

Stepping Stones to Glory (Paperback)

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