functionthumbCorporation: (The Structure)

Definition of Terms

Rather than looking to “the corporate world” to define our structure, we choose to honour our values and look to Biblical Hebrew understanding. Judges 6:15 says, ‘So he said to Him, “Oh my Lord, how can I save Israel? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”’ In this verse it is clear that the Hebrew people lived in family, clan, tribe and nation.

The structure of COTN is built on a similar foundation and the language used is as follows:

Family = A church
The structure of local churches in COTN varies.

Clan = A cluster
This is a grouping of churches and ministries relating to a spiritual father or fathers.

Tribe = COTN
Church of the Nations International

Nation = The Body of Christ
The international body of Christ.

From this point we will therefore refer to church, cluster, COTN and the body of Christ.

COTN Structure

COTN is protected and watched over internationally by "The Apostolic Council."

The Apostolic Council

The Apostolic Council is a team of Apostolic fathers and other acknowledged five fold ministries.

This council will continue to grow, but one is added to it by the acceptance of the AC after identification and recommendation of the council members. This is seen as a council of peers for the following:

1. Fellowship and accountability within the Apostolic Council and shepherding and bishoping each other.

2. Overseeing doctrine.

3. Overseeing the upholding of COTN values.

4. Casting corporate vision, and maintaining and executing the vision for COTN.

5. Nurturing unity and relationships within COTN.

6. Recognising and releasing clusters and their leaders.

7. Overseeing the moral and personal lifestyles of cluster leaders.

8. Initiating international events.

9. Building unity with the wider Body of Christ.