exit-darcusMany of you are aware that Kerry Cole has written Exit Darcus, her first full-length novel, as a continuation of the project which spawned the dramatic Art book, “The Purple Veil.”

The Kindle version of Exit Darcus, will be available on Amazon.com July 1-7 for a limited time special offer of $0.99. Please see below for a synopsis of the story, and a review from Marilyn Fitzgerald.

This first book by Kerry Cole is well written and a good read! It tells of the Heavenly Father's unconditional love for us and how much he cares about our relationships and the details of our lives.

This is a page turner and holds you until the unexpected ending! – Marilyn Fitzgerald

The novel centers around the beautiful, yet troubled, runaway, Alice Delaney. She trespasses onto the grounds of the ancient estate of Beulah, in an attempt to escape her external circumstances.

A safe haven to relieve her inner demons proves harder to find, but is shown to be possible by the disclosures of a sexy young artist who is willing to strip his soul naked before her. With its many twists, turns and layers this book is compelling reading and is powerfully unlocking.

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